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A full suite of classroom tools

  • Classroom Management

    Manage your classroom with ease. Add new students, create custom assignments, assign quizzes, and more.

  • Grade Syncing and SSO

    Sync grades with your favorite LMS like Canvas, Google Classroom, and more. Use SSO to log in with your school's credentials and reduce the burden on IT staff.

  • Student Progress Tracking

    Track student progress with our powerful analytics dashboard. See how students are doing on assignments, quizzes, and more.

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Good for individuals, homeschoolers, and small clubs interested in trying out Ideoxan.

  • Unlimited access to all lessons
  • Community Suppport
  • Ideoxan Reward Marketplace (Coming Soon)
  • Standard and Third-Party Login
  • Progress Tracking
  • Always Free, Forever.

USD $0.00

/month per Student*

Perfect for smaller educational institutions looking to add comprehensive computer science courses to their curriculum.

  • In Addition to the Individual Plan...
  • Up to 3 Teachers and Unlimited Support Staff
  • Clever SSO Integration
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Basic LMS
  • Assignments and Quizzes
  • Auto-Grading
Enterprise (Coming Soon)

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Great for larger educational institutions and corporations.

  • In Addition to the Basic Plan...
  • Tailored Pricing
  • Unlimited Teachers and Support Staff
  • Support for custom OAuth/SSO/SAML
  • 24/7/365 Full Premium Support
  • Advanced LMS
  • Canvas Grades Sync
  • Custom Assignments (Add-On)
PlansIndividualEDUEnterprise (Coming Soon)
Price$0/mo.USD $0.00/mo. per student*Quote
Core Features
Open Source Lessons
Knowledge Checkpoints (Quizzes)
Supplemental Articles
Additional Learning Resources
Traditional Sign-On
Third-Party OAuth
Clever SSO
Custom OAuth/SSO/SAMLComing Soon
Learning Management System (LMS)
Maximum Number of Students*UnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum Number of Teachers5Unlimited
Maximum Number of Support StaffUnlimitedUnlimited
Individual Progress Tracking
Auto Grading
Assigned Lessons
Assigned Quizzes
Assigned Readings
Custom AssignmentsAdd-On
Custom QuizzesAdd-On
Overall Class Performance Metrics
Individual Student Performance Metrics
Canvas Grades Sync
AI-Powered Student Recommendations
On-Demand Course Specific Materials
Code Runner
Maximum Invocations Per Day1,000 included, then $0.04 per invocationUnlimited
Community Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Dedicated Support
99% SLA
Onboarding Support

* Members under an organization are considered students unless they are explicitly assigned a different role. Students are billed as active when they have logged in at least once in the last 365 days.

Teachers are users over the age of 18 who are assigned a non-student role and are considered by their jurisdiction to be the instructional staff on hand for their assigned classroom under the organization's academic institution. Support staff are users over the age of 18 who are assigned by their jurisdiction/academic intitution to provide supportive resources for teachers, assist with technical services, are an assigned representative for the organization, or otherwise fulfill a non-critical supportive role within the organization. Teachers and Support Staff are always billed as active.

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